21st Century Turntablism

Is it music? This is not the important question. The important question is, is it interesting? – Mark Applebaum

What is the point of music?

This is a short video I put together during my Masters degree.

Reimagined Landscapes One

This video is a review from my experience in the Composer-Performer Workshop at USYD.

Reimagined Landscapes One
A study in turntablism and tone blending
Daniel Biederman ©2012

Programme Notes
This piece is a test of accessibility for the turntable-as-instrument. Reimagined Landscapes One contains seven short distinct sections joined together by two types of transitions, slow developing and abrupt. Each section works through the challenges of integrating the turntable into a concert hall setting.

Several 20th century notation techniques were adapted for this score, however further notational development was required due to the lack of a codified notation system for the turntable-as-instrument.

Reimagined Landscapes One requires this ensemble to not only play alongside the turntable, but confronts a classically trained musician’s adaptability by requiring them to manipulate the turntable as an instrument. This is the first piece of musical output after twelve month’s of research into the turntable-as-instrument. The listener will hear various recurring themes throughout the piece, however there is no traditional compositional structure. This research asks if the turntable is approachable for both classically trained musicians and the audience.